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Walls that Talk

Walls that Talk

Walls that Talk is a place activation initiative that displays images on the front wall of Maitland Library for the whole community to enjoy and experience.

Australian Museum of Clothing and Textiles

Established in 2005, the Australian Museum of Clothing and Textiles, located on Church Street in Maitland serves as Australia's only dedicated clothing museum committed to showcasing and interpreting articles in their historical context.

The Museum was the brainchild of local teacher, author and theatrical personality, Nell Pyle, who contributed her extensive personal collection to create the initial display of dresses, hats, shoes and ties spanning from 1860 to present day.

Today, the museum boasts a diverse array of textiles, clothing and handiwork, encompassing everything from everyday attire reflecting fashion trends and global events to ‘mend and make do’ pieces that highlight the resourcefulness and creativity of individuals during challenging times, including the Great Depression and both World Wars. From party frocks to wartime uniforms, the collection showcases the evolution of Australian clothing and textile industry, including children's wear, post war attire, and swimwear trends.

Driven by a dedicated team of volunteers, the museum preserves and shares the rich history of Australian clothing. Open to the public, visitors are invited to explore the collection, exhibits, and local social history, providing an engaging and immersive experience for all.

Women of the Australian Museum of Clothing & Textiles

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