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Seed library

Seed library

Grow, share and connect

Join us in cultivating sustainability, fostering community engagement and preserving heirloom plant varieties right here in historic Maitland and its surrounding areas. The Maitland Seed Library is a special collaboration between Maitland Libraries and Slow Food Hunter Valley.

Borrow, Grow and Give Back

The Seed Library offers you a unique opportunity. Borrow seeds, nurture your plants and then return a portion of the harvested seeds to the library. This cycle of seed-saving not only creates a diverse collection of locally adapted plant varieties but also strengthens our sense of community.

Promoting sustainability

By encouraging individuals to grow their own food and reducing reliance on commercial seed sources, we contribute to sustainable practices. Additionally, we help preserve traditional and heirloom plant varieties. Together, through seed saving and sharing, we build resilience and support local food security.

Explore our seed collection

Discover our seasonal and extensive range of seeds, including heirloom, open-pollinated and locally adapted varieties. Our collection covers vegetables, herbs, flowers and other plants perfectly suited to our local climate and growing conditions. 

Accessible across library locations

You can find Seed Library sections at each of our library locations, making it convenient for you to access this wonderful resource.

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